Tuesday, August 14, 2007

11 Aug 2007 - Ice House Road

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The day started at the Bella Bru coffee shop off El Dorado Hills Blvd
in El Dorado Hills.
My father-in-law and I showed up a little early for
coffee and pastries. As we sat outside we start seeing the bikes roll in.
Phil on
his Nomad waves and says that a few are at McDonalds and will be there shortly. Paul and Yvonne show up on the America and bring with them their neighbor Laura on a tricked out track ready 650r Kawasaki Ninja. Jennifer and Daniel, Eric, Phil, Ron, Ron's Friend (I am sorry, I can't remember his name), and Jess all roll in.

We waited till about 9:15 for Andy B. but he was a no
show, turns out, he went to the wrong Bella Bru.

We started out on El Dorado Hills Blvd to Salmon Falls Rd. Beautiful road
but had a little bit of traffic that slowed us down a bit, gathered at
highway 49, rode toward Cool, and turned on highway 193 toward Georgetown.
Eric on his Triumph Speed 4 and Jess on his Red Sprint ST were out in front
waiting for us as we pulled into Georgetown. We stopped for refreshments at
the Worton Market in Georgetown. Our bikes took up the entire front parking
lot, 11 bikes in all.

The Group heads out down Wentworth Springs Road towards Stumpy Meadows
Again Eric, Jess and Pdub rode off together in front of the pack, Speed
Demons. Ha Ha. We gather at the Stumpy Meadows Lake boa
launch, and
then continue on toward Ice House Road. This part is by far m
favorite part
of the ride. Thirty mph switchbacks with clear views to the next turn
asphalt that you can really lean into the turns without bein
bumped around.
Also, georgous views of the surrounding Sierra Nevada's.

We take a short break on Icehouse Road about 200 yards from highway 50 and
discuss lunch options.

Jennifer suggests a Mexican Restaurant called
Los Hermanos in Sly Park.
The group agrees and off we go. The food and
conversation was good.

This is a typical NorCal Triumph Rider with a Yamaha tee shirt and a full fork :-) :

This being the end of the ride, I asked if anyone wanted to join my
father-in-law and I for a beer at the Gold Hill Winery / Brewery in Gold
Hill outside of Placerville, next to Coloma. Eric, Jennifer and Daniel all
accompanied us. Somehow Phil was left behind. Sorry Phil.

This was the Ride Route:

Andy Neves
2003 Triumph Speedmaster